Financial health starts at work

Wellfyn is the most comprehensive employee financial wellness solution. It serves as an extension of HR & Benefits team to help reach the company goals.

What we offer

Earned Wage Access
Automated Saving Solutions
Financial Coaching
Affordable Credit Solutions
Decision Assistant
App / Dashboard

Employee financial wellness transforms businesses into life-changing employers.

Wellfyn is the first and only comprehensive Financial Wellness solution. For employers, that means no more point solutions or complex integrations. For employees? On-demand access to real solutions. This changes everything.

Frequently asked questions


How wellfyn works ?

Financially stressed people need more than just financial education. They need compassionate coaching and support to get to the root of their personal finance issues. That’s where Wellfyn can help.

How can a company offer Wellfyn’s services to employees?

After establishing a partnership with Wellfyn, your company can grant its employees access to the services offered by Wellfyn. Throughout the integration, deployment, and launch process, an Account Manager will be available to provide the essential support and guidance

What is the process for Onboarding Wellfyn ?

No complex benefit administration, no set -up fees, and no additional work. Our solutions are turnkey, and they’re effective

Can employees access Wellfyn’s services after they have quit the company ?

Employees can access the investment services after quitting
the company. Rest of the services like Salary on demand, Advanced salary, etc will be restricted


What is Salary On-Demand or Earned Wage Access ?

Salary On-Demand or Earned Wage Access is a convenient service that enables you to access a portion of your earned but unpaid salary before your designated payday. The remaining balance of your salary will be credited to your account on the scheduled payday. It’s important to note that this is not a loan, and you can access the funds without any interest charges

How can I access Wellfyn ?

You can access Wellfyn via Android app and
WhatsApp. You can login via your registered email or phone number on the app

Where is my money Invested ?

Your money will be invested as per your goals and risk taking
capacity. Wellfyn provides investment options in mutual fund and digital gold

Why should I trust Wellfyn with my money ?

Wellfyn uses bank level security and works according to regulatory guidelines. We are regulated by SEBI and NSE

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